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How do we build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture?

It’s a process that requires us to...

Evolve Courageously Together.

The leaders who intentionally move from certainty to authenticity, transparency and vulnerability, will build a culture where people are welcomed, valued, respected, and heard.

Your leaders will know how to create environments where team members can bring their full selves to work.

As a result, you will see:

A More Empathetic Culture

“Our team members know how to listen and engage openly in these conversations.”


“Hearing each others’ stories created a new level of connection in our teams.”

More Equipped Leaders

“We feel equipped to step deeper into this work now.”

Increased Recruitment & Retention

“This had a ripple effect through our culture and retention.”

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Jennifer’s interactive keynotes and guided executive leadership sessions, in both virtual and in-person formats, invite, challenge, and energize allies, advocates, change agents, and leaders at all levels to move toward inspired action and help move their organizations towards a more inclusive future.

Topics include:

  • Creating Inclusive Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Thrives
  • How To Be An Inclusive Leader
  • Ensuring Equity and Belonging in the Future World of Work
  • Actionable Allyship and Upstander Behaviors
  • Finding Your Voice in the Workplace
  • What Will it Take? Beyond Black and White
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