How do we build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture?

Evolve Courageously Together.

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Where do we start as an organization?

What gets in the way of belonging?

How do I encourage more allyship across my organization?

How do we define concepts like intersectionality, psychological safety, equity and belonging, and why do they matter?

What is the relationship between psychological safety, belonging and performance and innovation?

How do we need to redefine leadership going forward?

How do executives need to pivot and what is the role of executive teams in driving cultures of belonging?

We’re struggling with different generational expectations around DEI, how can we create more collaboration?

How can we create a safe container for our leaders to explore their tough questions and fear about saying the wrong thing?

The leaders who intentionally move from certainty to authenticity, transparency and vulnerability, will build a culture where people are welcomed, valued, respected, and heard.


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Your step-by-step guide to becoming an inclusive leader

We know why diversity is important, but how do we drive real change at work?

A book about how to create a more inclusive world.

What if we could go beyond the conversation about diversity and take real action?


This is not simply a book. It’s a call to action.

Will you answer the call to champion a more inclusive workplace?

Who We Are

In today’s fast-changing world and marketplace, our workplaces must evolve to mirror that world. Attracting and retaining today’s and tomorrow’s workforce means creating cultures that seek, welcome, and value differences, and whose policies and practices promote diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

At Jennifer Brown Consulting, we believe in unleashing the power of human potential and creating cultures of belonging where everyone can thrive. As an LGBTQ+ and woman-owned strategic leadership and global, best-in-class DEI consulting firm, we empower and equip leaders, teams, and individuals to drive positive organizational change.

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My team and I never miss any presentations by Jennifer and her team – they are such a gift! They contain such rich and inspirational learning that we have to set up separate meetings after them to review our aha moments together, so that we can mobilize collectively and progress. That’s how valuable her information and guidance is. She is a singular voice in our field, and a real treasure.


Shavondalyn Givens, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you on behalf of all of our leaders and the entire DEI team and Talent Management Team at CUNA Mutual Group. Your presentation was amazing and we are already receiving so much positive feedback! It will surely make an impact on all of our leaders and continue to advance our DEI journey as a company.

Satya Chima, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant, CUNA Mutual Group

What We Do:


We partner with organizations to identify workplace challenges and opportunities and create a DEI strategy to meet their unique needs. Learn More


We provide customized DEI training to develop the knowledge and skills needed to cultivate a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.
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Jennifer inspires and activates leaders, teams and individuals to step into their role in the change effort.
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The Will to Change Podcast

Leading Inclusively Through Turbulent Times

There is so much we haven’t known or explored, or prioritized - in terms of our own lived experiences and those of others. We’ve been shown that the workplace, like so many of our other systems, was never built by and for so many of us on the margins. This has caused widespread trauma, and loss of human potential. We all have a once in a lifetime opportunity to address it, and change it for good.

This podcast explores Jennifer's latest thoughts on workplace cultures of belonging - who builds them, what success looks like, and what’s getting in the way. How do we get comfortable being uncomfortable? Real growth is awkward, uncertain, and yet necessary.